Board Of Directors





“There is nothing wrong in this world that can’t be fixed with a great education. The Education Foundation of Sarasota County helps our terrific school system graduate well-rounded, high-achieving young adults. I enjoy the work of giving these exceptional young men and women the opportunity to live up to their potential when they transition from their challenging academic lives and become active members of our global family.”



“Thanks to my board participation and all the Education Foundation of Sarasota County does for our students, I have expanded my knowledge base regarding public schools at all grade levels. The Dart Foundation awards grants for education all over the country and it’s great to see the comparative strides we’re making here.”



“Education has the power to change lives and create futures that have yet to be imagined. It is such a privilege to be able to guide the Education Foundation of Sarasota County as it works collaboratively with schools and community partners to raise the bar for our students and teachers.”


Immediate Past Chair

“My dad, Jon Swift, served on the Board of the Education Foundation as a two-term Chair. While helping with the Texcellence Program and attending the Evening of Excellence and the Teacher Grant receptions, I was amazed at how much our teachers could do with a small amount of help. I wanted to be part of the group that helped make those feel-good stories come to life. So as my father did, I joined the Board and eventually served as Chair."

Board Of Directors


“When I began volunteering at an Education Foundation fundraiser 12 years ago, I experienced how important the Education Foundation was to the schools. Being on the board, I am able to take my passion and help impact one of Sarasota County’s best resources, a superior education that will prepare our students for the adult challenges ahead.”


“In my education and career, I have been surrounded by wonderful mentors; caring people who empowered me to see a possible future and believe it could come true. As an architect, I design buildings that celebrate life, but it’s even more fulfilling to help shape and form someone’s life in a positive way.”


“I feel strongly that our country’s history of providing access to quality education is what makes the United States the greatest nation ever to exist. Education is the key for future generations to have the ability to maximize their potential and quality of life.”


“I believe that the Education Foundation does an admirable job of making sure that all of Sarasota County’s children receive the resources they need to help them on their journey to becoming creative, educated citizens. I love all the schools; they are like different flavors of ice cream. They’re all good! It is important to me that I participate in making the school district of my “adopted” home town the best!"


“Helping to enhance education for all students provides us the opportunity to impact individual students and our entire community for generations. Contributing to the Education Foundation is both personal and highly efficient.”


“I believe that providing equal access to an outstanding public school education is a community’s greatest gift to its children. My own children grew up in the Sarasota County School system and received excellent educations and experiences. I want all our kids to have similar opportunities to grow, dream, and make their own futures.”